Armenia claims to have reliable information that Belarus has supplied Azerbaijan with a batch of missiles for the Polonez MLRS.

The cargo was first picked up by a Belarusian aircraft from Minsk and taken to the city of Tekirdag, after which it was taken from there by two Azerbaijani Il-76s and delivered to Baku. Conflict Observer:

The cargo was delivered by Belarusian aircraft from Minsk to Tekirdag, Turkey, from where it was picked up by two Azerbaijani Il-76s and delivered to Baku”

Azerbaijan has Turkey-manufactured TRG-300 Tiger heavy MLRS (up to 120m range, also deployed in Nakhchivan), Belarus-made Polonez heavy MLRS (up to 200km range), and the Israeli-made LORA tactical ballistic missile (up to 300km range) in its arsenal.

Lukashenka supports his colleague dictator even during the war.

Historical supplies of MLRS to Azerbaijan

Recent use of MLRS by Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces used “Smerch” with cluster munitions, as well as Turkish, Israeli and Belarusian MLRS.

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