Turkey’s Syrian National Army

The Commander of Thuwwar al Jazira (Jazeera Revolutionaries Brigade) celebrating the new attack against Charlie Hebdo:

“I give my hand to those who carried out the stabbings of the pigs.”
Meaning “I support it”

The Syrian National Army is officially part of the Syrian Interim Government and responds to the Defense Ministry of the Syrian Interim Government. Abdurrahman Mustafa as the president of the Syrian Interim Government and Selim Idris as the Minister of Defense are in charge over the Syrian National Army. Selim Idris is also the Chief of Staff of the Syrian National Army. However, the Gathering of the Syrian National Army faction leaders as a council has a strong say within the Syrian National Army. The commanders of the three legions of the Syrian National Army; Muataz Raslan, Mahmud el Baz and Abu Ahmad Nour are responsible for all of the factions of their legion.

The Turkish state uses dozens of different groups, many of them originating from Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to occupy Syria.

Thuwar al-Jazeera: emerged with the aim of fighting against the Kurds in the Jazeera region. This Jarablus-based group took part in the attacks on Manbij and the occupation of Afrin.

Then he says “well done, may Allah accurately guide their stabbings (thrusts)”. He laments that the attack shows who is not a true Muslim. That the hypocrites of the attack denounce and decry it find excuses for why it’s not acceptable. He actually makes takfir here, he calls them supporters of Musaylimah. Musaylimah is considered to be al Kadhab, a false prophet.