BURN? … Military compound located in the #Garmdareh area west of #Tehran

Some sources and media outlets, citing recent satellite images of a burn in a military compound located in the #Garmdareh area west of #Tehran, claim that rumors and reports of an explosion (in the morning of July 9) in this area are true.

The effect of the burn in question is the result of a natural fire with little or no heat radiation (IR); Because they are not registered by NASA fire detection and management satellite sensors.
The image above shows NASA satellite data from the military complex over the past four weeks.

Contrary to rumors and reports that the sound was heard and the light of the explosion was seen in the morning hours of July 9, the satellite images of the same morning did not show the effect of burns in the #Garmdareh area or the mentioned military complex.
As a result, the burn effect occurred after the date of the alleged reports and rumors.