Bulletproof Hosting – No harm to RU Citizens

2020-07-08_18-04-22WHAT WE DONT ALLOW :

Child porn of any sort.
Drugs or weapon stores or such.

Phishing targets hospitals and military service. NOT ALLOWED.
Projects that harm citizens of the Russian Federation directly or indirectly.
Terrorism or promoting hate speech in any form. NOT ALLOWED.

Please make sure to purchase the right product to avoid getting suspended.
A billing platform is being developed and provision will be soon done automatically after payment .

As you can see we do not use commercial licensed systems like WHMCS , Hostbill , Ubersmith etc … due to our privacy concerns. Only information stored is email for service renewals.


– Bitcoin
– Perfect Money


Email: contact@privatealps.net (PGP can be enabled)

Xmpp : pirvatealps@jabber.ru