Still No Black Box from Iran

Canadian Transport Minister: We have not yet received the black box of the crashed Ukrainian plane.

The Canadian Minister of Transportation said on Friday, May 29, 2020, that the black box of the crashed Ukrainian plane had not yet reached us, and that efforts and consultations were continuing based on commitments in this regard. “The black box is still in Iran and we will continue to pursue it,” Mark Garno told the Canadian government in a video conference, according to the Global News Network. Referring to the Iranian authorities’ remarks about the delivery of the black box, he said: “The delivery of the black box coincided with the outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran, and they explained that they were not able to address this issue at that time.” We will try to move the black box according to our commitments. Earlier, in an interview with NBC on February 15, 2020, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the Revolutionary Guards had not been able to load the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane and that Tehran would not hand over the black box to foreign governments. Hassan Rezaeifar, Director General of the Iranian Airlines Accident Investigation Department, also said on January 19.

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