It has been argued in North Korea that the documents submitted by the Chairman of the State Council, Kim Jong-un since the middle of this month, have not been delivered to each institution.

“A high-ranking North Korean defector in contact with Pyongyang,” cited “A recent North Korean defector in contact with Pyongyang,” in the online edition of the weekly magazine Gendai Business on the 29th. Chairman Kim) ‘Proposal No. 1’ with handwriting is not coming down. “It may be a sign that Chairman Kim is failing to make a decision.”

“Proposal No. 1” refers to documents that require the approval of the highest leader in North Korea, that is, Chairman Kim. When Kim agrees to the contents of the proposal, Kim is known to sign it, return it to each institution, and, if there are additional instructions, include a signature and handwritten memo.

Among them, North Korean authorities prefer to treat matters that Kim left on his own handwritten notes as ‘handwritten ratification’, and take precedence over signature-only matters (ratification of existence). It is said to have been paid.


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