Iranian satellite rocket launcher Zafar.

Two and a half hours ago someone posted these pictures saying there was a frightening sound in the Sistan-Baluchistan area. The remaining pieces of Iranian satellite rocket launcher Zafar.

I couldn’t find another source for it, and I didn’t know how much or how much of a joke it was. I just saw that some of these images were published in other sources, which of course they have no credence to confirm, but because some of the pilgrims did, they might be right.Update:
Local site “The Age of Hamoon”:Following the release of news that a loud noise was heard in the Sirjangel area of Zahedan … Deputy Governor Security Forces: Initial investigations are likely indicate parts of the Zafar satellite rocket. These parts have fallen in the uninhabited area of Zahedan suburb.Azeri Jahromi says satellite itself crashed in Indian Ocean.