We continue exposing the Iranian Cyber company Eeleyanet Gostar’s (“Emen Net Pasargad”) and today we are exposing one of its products and relevant information—AVAT sandbox system. The information includes:

• Confidential presentation about AVAT sandbox system (objectives and capabilities)
• Confidential document on AVAT’s development and upgrades including scanning abilities not limited to Windows-based programs
• Instructions on how to activate the system on an Ubuntu server

Some of our followers are urging us to expose the source code of AVAT system and its technical information, and we promise here to do so, including exposing information concerning the malware scanned by AVAT. How is that possible that such a company, which we continue exposing, attacks other countries per IRGC’s requests, but cannot even guard its own secret information?!
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By Treadstone 71

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