US Special Operation Command C146A Wolfhound military flight observed over #Saudi Arabia.
1398.05.17 2108 IRDT

US #C-17 military plane flies from #Afghanistan to #Oman Sea. The aircraft is currently flying over # Pakistan.
1398.05.17 2140 IRDT

US C-30J Military Aircraft Flight Over #Gulf_For #Qatar
1398.05.17 2141 IRDT


Two suspicious aircraft with no commercial information currently flying over #Iraq.
One has callsign: SPORT20 and ICAO code ( International Civil Aviation Organization ): 520170 and the other only has ICAO: B18269 information.
According to ICAO data recorded in the Aviation Database, the item flying without callsign from the southeast of #Iraq to the north is the BOEING KC-135R Stratotanker # US | The aircraft is an air-fuel carrier.
No second aircraft with Callsign: SPORT20 yet.
List of military flights today in # Gulf region:
1600-1750z UTC
USAF MOOSE73 088199 C17A
USAF 623573 KC135
USAF MOJO90 840187 KC10A
USAF MOJO94 840191 KC10A
USAF MOJO91 830076 KC10A
1398.05.17 2227 IRDT

By Treadstone 71

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