russian intelligence

Russian Intelligence in the EU

The European Union, apparently, is now trying to minimize the number of Russian spies on its territory. The most recent case is Poland, where on March 16, officials from the Internal Security Agency announced the arrest of nine people who were filming Western military equipment entering Ukraine from an airport in Rzeszow. With an explanation: they were engaged in intelligence in favor of Russia.Moscow has two divisions: the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Main Directorate…

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10 Ways to Blame Russians Without Any Proof (aka Russian Disinformation on Russian Disinformation)

From Matt Taibbi - 10 Ways to Call Something Russian Disinformation Without Evidence The Russian propaganda take on their disinformation based in false information which is intended to mislead, using propaganda issued by Russia against the United States. Taking Mr. Taibbi's article and using standard methods to sow chaos and confusion - written by a Russian to discredit an American. Our spies say that this is similar to the work of their spies. Well, that…

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