“Before a special military operation, we left the darknet space and joined the Russian mission. Everything we have done since the very first day is only for the sake of helping our country. Maybe that’s the only thing that makes us different. Today we stand for Russia, today we are heroes for our country, but in other countries we commit crimes,” KillNet founder Killmilk hacker said in a new edition of the podcast “Legitimate question”.

Good morning Russia and the countries of the friendly union駱

Georgia has a desire to open a second military front against our country, under the pretext of the liberation of “South Ossetia-Abkhazia” So, big-nosed Givi officials are lining their lives further under the American dream and continue to support the escalation in the world.

We are Killnet, we warn the entire Georgian government that is opposed to the Russian Federation.

Just twitch – and you will not be left with a wet place! In which case I “KillMilk” will personally arrange the genocide of the Georgian people around the world. You are freaking out about your plans….

By Treadstone 71

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