MARSAD-2 missile system

Marsad-2 missile system is being re-tested as the newest variant of this indigenous system in a joint air defense exercise of the province called Sky Defenders-6, held in Semnan Public Area, covering an area of 4,000 square kilometers. The most obvious and definite differences of the Morsad-6 with the earlier generations of this system can be summarized as follows: Moving or tacticalizing all components of the system by installing it on the truck Deployment of…

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70% of tourism tours canceled following recent events in Iran

All West Bloc tours that attempt to travel to Iran have canceled their trip. Incoming tours from the US and Canada 100%, Australia and the Oceania 80%, Europe 60% and Asia 60% canceled their trips. On average, 70% of Iran's tourism revenue was destroyed overnight. Ukraine and the European Union have announced that their countries' flights will no longer cross the Iranian sky. It is interesting to know that daily flights were crossing the Iranian…

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Tributes, Mourning, Anger at Khameini and the IRGC

Students and citizens commemorate the Dead of Iran-Ukraine PS752 Plane Tragedy Today [wpvideo Cb65ah78] They knew for three days but they lied! For three days, all Iranian media and government officials from top to bottom lied. They had known it for three days, but still said it was a technical flaw even claiming it was a 737 MAX For three days, the armed forces said they knew they had fired the missile but said the…

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