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Information on the status of the Noor military-intelligence satellite (code 45529) and the third phase of the satellite on the messenger (code 455230) in space.







Noor satellite is the starting point of a whole new era in several respects:1⃣ The launch of this satellite is the beginning of Iran’s military use of space, the most important feature of which is to reach a completely new and unprecedented level of intelligence aristocracy on private and shared global spaces.2. Iran can continue to monitor the formation of a missile threat as soon as it launches anywhere in the world. This makes the country’s missile defense capability ‘space-based’. This is what is called the ‘space alert system’, and very few countries in the world have this capability.3⃣ Iran can continue to monitor the military use of space by monitoring the enemy’s “vital spaces in the distance” and “long-range threats” with unprecedented aristocracy. We will be able to see how and with what goals the enemy changes his make-up and how much of this make-up is really operational.4⃣ Military access to space fundamentally changes the concept of guidance and navigation, especially in the field of ballistic missiles. A decade ago, the US nightmare was that Iran’s missile program would be combined with an independent Iranian navigation system in space.5⃣ This will not only miraculously increase the accuracy of the missiles, but in a short period of time, given Iran’s current missile capability, it will also allow Iran to “destroy targets in space.”6⃣ On the future horizon, a much more extraordinary phenomenon can be seen, and that is what is called the ‘synchronization of all operational units in a complex war.’7⃣ You can “synchronize” the behavior of a fighter in the sky with a tank and a tanker on the ground, with a ship at sea, and even a ranger in the forest, so that they can make the best decision in the short term by combining and quickly exchanging all the information. Take the most time. This is not possible without a basic military intelligence infrastructure.








Orbit near 425 km – circular orbit.Previously, Omid, Observer, Navid and Fajr satellites were located in the 250 or 375 km elliptical orbit. In this type of orbit, the satellite orbits the earth on an elliptical path, moving at a minimum distance of 250 km and a maximum distance of 375 km. This lowering of the heights reduces the orbital lifespan of the satellite, so that all four of the above satellites had a lifespan of 3 months or less.Two-stage messenger from the central desert of Iran by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and orbited 425 km. .“Expands the strategic information of the IRGC’s defense force.”Today, the world’s powerful armies do not have a comprehensive defense plan without being in space.We have made a leap in the field of expanding territory and strategic intelligence.The deployment of this multi-purpose satellite in space, both in the field of IT and intelligence battles, can produce strategic added value for us, and in intelligence warfare, it creates powerful grounds for us.He said that the launch of the satellite is not limited to defense and military issues.Satellite propulsion is a combination of liquid and solid fuelsIn the summer of 1398, Western satellites published several images of solid fuel propulsion tests in the test site of the IRGC’s registered space station. This shows that the IRGC is entering a very important phase of preparing its solid-fuel space launcher, which is conducting these tests.A few months after the above experiments, it was announced that a three-stage satellite launch operation had been launched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) space specialists at the Air Force and was one of the space launchers developed in the complex.The successful launch of the country’s first military satellite, Noor, was launched on Wednesday, May 3, during the approval of the constitution and the establishment of the Revolutionary Guards, which boosted national self-confidence and national pride in Iran and other countries. The friend will be in.The launch was carried out from the IRGC’s space launch base in the Shahroud region and in the central desert of Iran. A base that was prepared many years ago to launch heavy IRGC space launchers, including a vertical satellite.Dandelion satellite is the first three-stage launcher tested in the country. Details of the dimensions, tonnage and technical capabilities have not yet been announced, but the same published images show that the IRGC has followed the path of developing its space launchers with the required variety.Not long ago, in the Fajr decade of the Islamic Revolution in 1398, with the unveiling of the space propulsion of solid fuel Salman, which had a moving nozzle, the IRGC Air Force revealed its operational capability to better and more efficiently conduct space propulsion outside the atmosphere. These propellants are able to change and modify the path outside the atmosphere due to their lower efficiency (output) with higher efficiency. It is possible that Salman’s propulsion was used in the upper stages of the satellite on the messenger.Also, the technology of non-metallic and very light composite materials made by the IRGC, which was unveiled at the same time as Salman’s propulsion, may have been used in the satellite for the messenger. This technology helps to significantly reduce the weight of the satellite and thus increase the weight of the portable cargo.

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