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Monitor the enemy’s “vital spaces in the distance” and “long-range threats” Iran’s first military satellite ماهواره نور

Details below ماهواره نور [wpvideo ZRFpwqWE data-temp-aztec-id="be201282-1449-46e1-a1dc-4a720e959b09"] [video data-wpid="791" src="/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Telegram/VID_20200423_181802_981.mp4" class="data-temp-aztec-video uploading size-full"] Information on the status of the Noor military-intelligence satellite (code 45529) and the third phase of the satellite on the messenger (code 455230) in space. Noor satellite is the starting point of a whole new era in several respects:1⃣ The launch of this satellite is the beginning of Iran's military use of space, the most important feature of which is to reach…

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