We took Mariupol … again, well completely, again – Minsk Gulag, Belarus Gulag

Yesterday they took Mariupol in RoZZii. I mean, that's how they regularly take it. Maybe not every day, but definitely more often than, for example, Kharkov. Kharkov was taken only twice. And Mariupol already twenty times. Or more often. There is no such fighter of the information front who has not taken Mariupol at least once. I would even say otherwise. I would say that there is no such Mariupol that the fighter of the…

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You know it is true when the claims of “fake news” immediately follow

The first of very likely dozens of disinformation from Russian stooges on the release of Sarin in Mariupol. This is standard Putin and follows Russian protocol aka Syrian Sarin Use after massive bombing meant to depopulate before Chem use to mop up. Then use the denazification card. Below is the start: Fake: Russian troops used a chemical weapon (probably Sarin) in Mariupol by spraying an unknown substance from a UAV. This was reported in the…

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Targeting Civilians – War Crimes

On March 29, the Russians wounded two more civilians in the Donetsk region: one in Kurdyumivka and 1 in Novoselivka. In addition, three civilians wounded in Luhansk region were assisted in Bakhmut. In Mariupol it was possible to clarify the information about 1 wounded, but the total number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha cannot be determined at the moment. Every war criminal will be punished!

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