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Fake or Real – Mass Killings and Graves in Kandahar?

Who is lying? The UK news Mirror claims the Taliban are throwing murder victims in mass graves . Others claim these pictures to be from an old anti-Taliban movie. The Afghan The "Afghan commando account" is still active even after everyone surrendered. By the way, these images are actually from an anti-Taliban movie. And they've been circulating online since ages. Earlier Facebook page of No One Left Behind also shared them. #Afghanistan Where is the…

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Remarks from the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan about the withdrawal of the US forces from Bagram Airfield.
📎 Saeed Ahrar

🇦🇫🇺🇿⚡ Taliban militants are stepping up their pressure on the Afghan town of Hairaton, bordering Uzbekistan, in Balkh province. "Right now, security forces, including commandos, border guards, special forces have created a security zone within a five-kilometer zone to protect the border city from all sides," said one of the regional commanders of government forces. It is in Hairaton that the Friendship Bridge is located, which connects Afghanistan and Uzbekistan through the Amu Darya.

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