“Chronology of the lies of German Chancellor Scholz” – Belarus Gulag

"Chronology of the lies of German Chancellor Scholz: 1. At the end of February, the German defense industry sends Scholz a long list of all available weapons. 2. Scholz does not share this list with Ukraine. 3. Scholz says that there are no more weapons left in Germany that could be transferred to Ukraine. 4. The German defense industry sends the list to the Ambassador of Ukraine. 5. Scholz says the weapons on the list…

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#Hooshyaran1 – German #AIRPASS GmbH working with #IRGC-QF #Mahan Air

There is also the German “AIRPASS GmbH”, who has been working with Mahan Air since 2018. در میان دیگر شرکت‌های دارای رابطه تجاری با ماهان نام شرکت «Airpass GmbH» آلمان به چشم می‌خورد که از سال ۲۰۱۸ (۱۳۹۷) به ماهان خدمات ارائه می‌کند. From: Farzaneh Mousavian  Sent: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 10:25 AM  To: Pouneh Ahmadi  Cc: GSA-Accounting  Subject: FW: airpass contract  Dear Financial Representative,  Ms. Ahmadi,  Hi,  Respectfully yours.  Thanks  موسویان  From: Abbas.Moshiri <Abbas.Moshiri@Mahan.Aero>…

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