IT ARMY of Ukraine

Cyber Attacks Against Russia Greatly Impacting Daily Operations

Direct from the Russian Government. Their latest complaint in the form of a whine, contrary to their illegal invasion: The problem of cyber war against the Russian Federation should be…

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Cyber Militia & Foreign Legion Targeting for April 28

Сьогодні додаємо до списку цілей нові тендерні майданчики, які також повинні бути "частково недоступними" We've added new bidding platforms to the list, and we hope they will be "no longer…

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Looking to defend against Orks of Mordor – no joke Ukrainian Foreign Legion

UKRAINE CALLS ON FOREIGN CITIZENS TO JOIN ITS FIGHT FORPEACE AND DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a military attack on Ukraine. In the first few days of…

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