#Stormous claims #Ransomware attack on the #Sharafi Group – #UAE – 144GB

STORMOUS RANSOM :DARK SAT :GROUP NEWS : إختراق شركة :Company Name :Sharafi Group InvestmentsTotal Revenue :$122M site : لدينا ما يتوصل لي 144G من حجم بيانات كاملة . 24 : 59 : 59 #RANSOMWARE ATACK Al Sharafi Group of companies is a major player in the UAE’s multi-million dollar construction industry. Established in 1969, the Group is owned by a group of investors and the management is headed by Qassim Al Sharafi who has…

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The Year in Review – Stormous Ransomware – Dark Sat

STORMOUS RANSOMWARE : DARK SAT: A year full of attacks and profit we had in the biggest breaches of major companies. There is only a little time left, and the year 2021 was filled with some major breakthroughs: IBM MBC AKAMAI ARAMCO devloper Nigeria Governments Chinese governments Infiltration of the largest Israeli hospital Attacks and defacement of international private Israeli websites Our hack ranks as one of the biggest hacks of 2021 and one of…

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