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Sharafi Group

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Al Sharafi Group of companies is a major player in the UAE’s multi-million dollar construction industry. Established in 1969, the Group is owned by a group of investors and the management is headed by Qassim Al Sharafi who has years of experience and strong associations in the fields of construction, manufacturing and infrastructure in the region. With a dedicated workforce of about 14,500 the Group has garnered a immense reputation for excellence in whatever project it undertakes. Focusing on the interest of the consumer, Al Sharafi Group upholds the values of innovation, dedication, and honesty through teamwork.

Employee Name

Mohammed Asif
Mohammed Ashruf Mohammed Saheb
Hasan Nasser Mohamed Basheer
Chandra Shekar Thoguta
Baburam Khanal
Karim Bakhsh
Ayub Khan
Abdulla Chullikulath
Junaid Khan
Dawood Sha Jagabar Sadiq
Mohamad Irshad Saheb
Muhammad Asif
Kapil Kumar Ravula
Nurulla Khan Soudagar
Shahid Khan
Hari B.K
Irfan Hameed
Matiur Rahman
Muqadar Khan
Ghulam Hussain
Sanjay Haricharan
Mohammed Shukoor
Rashid Ibrahim
Mohan Lal
Muhammad Usman
Santosh Bhaitha
Navid Gul
Meghalal Giri
Ray Suralpadi Irfan

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