Voronezh Republic

“Anarchist Fighter” , “Rospartizan” , “Radical Bunker” (after rebranding – “E. R.A. ” ).

RECOMMENDATIONS When, a day after the announcement of mobilization, it became known about at least four military registration and enlistment offices set on fire, I wrote a small post , including basic recommendations on security measures during such actions. After that, he paid attention to security aspects several more times or gave links to sensible materials. At the same time, I understood that those people who set fire to military registration and enlistment offices or…

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Voronezh Republic – interview

The first interview with separatist guerrillas, who recently began to fight for their independence, has been released. Voronezh Republic - Eastern Slobozhanshchina, a historical Ukrainian land populated by ethnic Ukrainians, Russified by the occupying power. Mikhail Oreshnikov March 10, 2023 Infographics compiled on the basis of data from the telegram channel "Voronezh Republic" Mikhail Oreshnikov How long ago did you start your activity? VR Personally, I have been since March 22, the channel started on…

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