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“Black Bridge” distributes RPG to partisans

Not the RPGs you thought, everything has its time

In the process of preparing a direct action, sabotage, there is a stage when you need to discuss the details of the plan without revealing the plan itself. It is very difficult, especially out of habit, to keep the line between technical issues and deanonymizing details, to decide what to tell and what not. Many begin to get obscure and the answers have to be pulled out with tongs, which does not contribute to the speed of work, increases distrust, which is already so much.

Have you ever had to poke your nose, bang your forehead into a problem that interferes with work, and not notice it? Here we are the same.

We are introducing an obligatory stage in the preparation of actionists – a “tabletop” role-playing game (RPG) . You will need to draw up and send us a plan of attack for a conditional target. We will choose the object at random, regardless of you and your idea. It can be a military registration and enlistment office that they unsuccessfully tried to set on fire, everyone’s favorite signaling cabinets, railway rails or arrows, local administration, or something else. This will be a real object on which you will need to collect information, ask any clarifying questions and prepare an attack plan.

For our part, we 1) will help to work out this plan, 2) we will play the implementation of the plan with you step by step in the “board game” mode, we will throw unplanned events, etc. (the role of the game master), 3) together with you, we will evaluate whether the “table action” was a success. You can apply the acquired knowledge and experience in a real action, without telling anyone anything in the process of preparation.

You can also work out in this way the creation of a team of strangers, coordination of actions, identification of an “informant” (see “Mafia”, “Among us”). If you want to create your own partisan cell, let us know and we’ll work it out.

It is impossible: to try to fulfill the game plan in reality, to attack the “game” goals, even if the plan turned out to be very good and the action seems simple.

You have been waiting for this for a long time, many have asked for it – detailed planning with strict adherence to the “paranoid ZeroTrust”. Write to the mail in the channel description, let’s play dice with the Universe.

Since this is even more fucked up work than usual, we urge our sympathizers to support us by translating the crypt . Extremely simple instructions for donations.


We are expanding our operations and recruiting people.

The “paranoid Zero Trust” approach is relevant, it is still too early to create structures, but one cannot sit and wait.

  1. We are looking for people who will search for and process information. This is the safest form of guerrilla activity. The experience of searching for information in open sources will be useful to you, but not important to us.
  2. Black Bridge Design Bureau ( KBChM ) We need experimenters who can test an idea with an incendiary composition or an explosive device without killing themselves and not falling into the hands of the police. We need developers of technical solutions that can burn, explode, fly, crawl, swim, emit radio waves, and so on. You may have to bring to mind other people’s technical solutions. Write (without geodetails) what test conditions are available to you, what kind of experiments have already been done, what theoretical knowledge you have.
  3. Envoys and fundraisers abroad of Russia, from among those who have recently left, who still remember the “smoke of the fatherland” in terrible dreams and look suspiciously at people in uniform. Your task will be to explain to the “West” how everything works here in the concentration camp and what they are dealing with, as well as collect donations in Monero to finance resistance in Russia. You may need to speak at conferences and give interviews to Western media about the partisan movement. Get ready for glory. Write what languages you know, do you have your own media resource where you can campaign offline abroad, participate in rallies, etc.
  4. Direct action, “actionists”. We compensate for the cost of shares, we give methodological support – assistance in planning, means of attack, information about targets. Write what you can, whether you have ever planned/performed direct actions, spread propaganda, whether you have an object from the list in mind. In addition, write as you see the purpose of your activity and the end result, what you need to strive for.
  5. Distribution of agitation. Now information about the objects of attack and methods is being disseminated by dependent media, information about the correct preparation and manufacture of weapons, about the possibility of obtaining material and methodological support does not reach the broad masses. A tiny percentage of people know about the existence of the Resistance. We need to fix this.
  6. Hacker activity. Interested in any technology that you know how to use and stay free. If you have no experience, but you want to work and develop in this direction, please also contact us.
  7. Reconnaissance on the ground and the transfer of information to us. Often there is a need to observe the object of attack, which for a fighter is an extra risk of detection. At the same time, a person who simply walks near the military enlistment office and then does nothing, risks nothing. But, please note: you will not be able to combine this line of activity and other offline activities, even campaigning, for the sake of your own freedom and safety. You will immediately receive a long list of objects at work, and the fighters will receive this list in the same form. Tell us by mail in which region (not in any one city! You can list several cities, settlements) are ready to act and nothing more.
  8. Local media
    If you are ready to become a point of attraction for people and dissemination of information in your city, region, republic, this direction is for you. You will need to create a Telegram channel about armed resistance on your land (in the region). The channel will attract local opposition of varying degrees of radicalism and will become the center of the crystallization of forces that are ready to act, and not just agitate.

Be prepared to take a test task.

Sabotage and direct action is a complex intellectual work on the verge of art, so we remind everyone who plans: do not be distracted by amateur performances when preparing a play in an academic theater.

If you do not consider the action seriously and prepare it somehow, this will not affect the article, but it will increase the risk of detention. A bottle of vodka thrown through the window of a military registration and enlistment office, a dummy grenade under an FSB officer’s car, or a burned z-banner will be recorded in the same “terrorism” as an explosion with a fire when the object cannot be restored. Do not scatter your freedom. You do not need it for this.

Shares can be divided into three large groups:
– training and demonstration, when you need to test the technology or practice handling “materials”
– combat training, when significant damage to the regime is not required
– fighting when everything is serious

The difference is only in priorities when choosing a goal. In the first two, the main thing is the convenience of access to the target, in the third – to cause serious damage to the regime. In all cases, you need to carefully plan and monitor the secrecy of the operation in order to get the job done and stay free. If you are planning a direct action, sabotage – contact us, write to the mail in the channel description. We will dissuade from a bad idea, with a good one we will help with resources and an elaboration of a plan. Place, time, and personal details do not give.


With cryptocurrency donations, the situation is like with guerrilla actions – everyone is calling for it, but no one says “how”. We fill in the gap.

In short: it’s easier and safer than you think.

Go to the exchange aggregator (not advertising). There are regional domains and On the left side of the main page there is a table in two columns. The first is how you pay, the second is what you buy. Choose a pair for the exchange – in the table on the right you will see a list of online exchangers, sorted by the profitability of the exchange rate (the higher in the list, the more profitable). Click on the first one from the top – you will be taken to the exchanger’s website. Register and verify your account. Most often, they ask before the first exchange to send a photo of the front side of a bank card (not secret information) – this is the entire verification, it takes about five minutes.

Further actions depend on your goal.

1. The easiest way to donate to an initiative is to start an exchange transaction and, as the address for receiving funds, indicate the wallet address of this initiative. So you will not need to create your own crypto wallet to store the currency and the cost of commissions will be minimal. It is better to use Monero (XMR) right away.

2. If you want to hide the final transfer address from the exchanger, create a crypto wallet and buy Bitcoins. When the exchange is completed and the coins come to the wallet, go to and choose an anonymous exchanger Bitcoin – Monero. No identification is needed here anymore, just indicate how much you are changing and where to send it. You can create your own Monero wallet in order to make a transfer from it later, or specify the wallet address of the initiative you want to donate to (we will write about creating wallets in the instructions for using Tails).

Supplement according to the rules of the guerrilla RPG

The game is divided into two major stages:
1. Intelligence, planning and preparation of weapons
2. Simulation of the implementation of the developed plan

The setting, the “world” of the game is our reality. You can fantasize, but try not to get carried away. Bayraktar for the action no one will drive you. Although…

There is no combat system and economy (separate from our reality). “Monsters” and their abilities are from our world, but the best defense is not to meet. Playing “on the table” a fight with the police, especially if this is not the goal of the action, is such a thing.

At the start, you will get some random object and the distance from your “home”. The plan will need to be developed from the very beginning – from the acquisition of materials for camouflage, the manufacture of weapons, and to the end – returning home or evacuating from the country. You can ask any questions about preparation, materials, schemes, financing and logistics. We will also apply fantasy somewhere, somewhere we will give a real answer (and we won’t say where – it’s a game, after all).

At the second stage, the plan will need to be played out in steps. Take the prepared text and simulate an event for each action using a random number generator. Each step will somehow affect the execution of the plan as a whole. The final simulation, the “passed game”, will show weaknesses, give an understanding of what is missing and what is well developed and, most importantly, will give the experience of performing an action with the ability to “save and continue”. Yes, “on the table” and conditionally, but it’s better than with a secret, but raw plan to make a mistake on a real action.

By the way, suggest a name for the partisan RPG.

By Treadstone 71

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