“Anarchist Fighter” , “Rospartizan” , “Radical Bunker” (after rebranding – “E. R.A. ” ).

RECOMMENDATIONS When, a day after the announcement of mobilization, it became known about at least four military registration and enlistment offices set on fire, I wrote a small post , including basic recommendations on security measures during such actions. After that, he paid attention to security aspects several more times or gave links to sensible materials. At the same time, I understood that those people who set fire to military registration and enlistment offices or…

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The coming revolutions will be women’s revolutions!

We, anarchists and revolutionaries, hate oppression, injustice, any exploitation of man, nature, and all living things. We hate that disgusting oppression on the foundation of which the Leviathan of the state and inequality is built - the subordinate position of a woman. It must be destroyed! Abdullah Öcalan, the leader and ideologist of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, repeatedly emphasized in his writings that a woman is more capable of feeling injustice than a man. The…

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Solidarity Collectives against Russia

War and Ukrainian anarchistsToday, on the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we are publishing the first episode of the Dogma podcast, in which we spoke with anarchists from the Solidarity Collectives. This organization provides support to comrades who have gone to the front. We raise questions of anti-militarism, pacifism, geopolitical interests, solidarity and anarchist choice to fight in the ranks of the state army. Listen and subscribe to the channel and our…

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