As promised , I continue to publish safety tips for partisans and partisans.

The fact that the phone is a “bug”, which you always have with you, has been said more than once. But, as the practice of criminal cases shows, people often either do not know about it or underestimate the risks. For example, there are cases when partisans took a phone with them to an action in order to shoot a video. It is absolutely impossible to do this, and here’s why.


The phone leaves a digital footprint. Even after a long time, the security forces will be able to obtain information through a mobile operator where a particular phone was at a particular time. Or what were the phones at a specific time in a certain square of the area.

They learn, first of all, about the SIM card. If it is issued to you, a capture group leaves for you. If the SIM card is left, the security forces can find out where it was sold, and then use this data for further operational work or as circumstantial evidence.

But technology also allows you to calculate the device itself. And if the phone, illuminated at the place and time of the action, is found in your house during a search, this will become one of the evidence against you.

If you are detained in hot pursuit, the phone that you will have with you will give the security forces a lot of interesting information.

What to do?

It’s simple – do not take the phone to the action:
✔️ agree with comrades about the meeting place before the action in advance
✔️ shoot videos with a regular digital camera
✔️ use paper cards.

A little personal experience

FSB officers do not even need to make any requests, they can receive all the information online. When in 2010 I was on my own recognizance, which I later violated, and my accomplice had already gone on the run, the Chekists tried to determine her location in my presence. They called somewhere and asked: “Where was the last call from such and such a number?” The answers were in the format: “Intersection of the 3rd Vladimirskaya and Bratskaya streets.” The accomplice threw off the phone in time and then she managed to leave.


By Treadstone 71

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