Trust is a critical asset that can be damaged or completely destroyed through a variety of applied cognitive weapons such as social media.

People or institutions that seek to destroy this trust first identify major gaps in the target society and then intensify them in a way that causes distrust towards the honesty and motivation of others in society.

Research studies in the field of cognitive hybrid warfare show that intelligence operations will necessarily take place “deep” within the target community’s territory, networks, and consciousness.

In cognitive warfare, direct online attacks are mostly used to harass journalists, academics, scientists, opposition politicians, activists, and celebrities. But in the meantime, ordinary people are also great victims of online harassment to change their core beliefs or reinforce beliefs rooted in false information.

Undoubtedly, in the age of information and cognitive warfare, the most powerful weapon is truth. Yet adversaries are not looking for liberation and removing the monopoly of information control as their primary goal. They are looking to eradicate “truth” and own “truth” in order to get the desired results.

By Treadstone 71

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