#CCD_informs: in Valdai speech putin attributed all the worst practices of his regime to the West. Here are just some of his statements:

Iranian General Soleimani was killed on the territory of another state» (Soleimani was the head of Iran’s secret operations in the Middle East, died as a result of a terrorist attack in Baghdad in 2020)

russia was involved in the murder of O.Lytvynenko in London, the attempt to kill S.Skripal, the poisoning of O.Navalny

Unlike the West, we do not enter someone else’s yard

The kremlin sent troops into Georgia and later has attacked Ukraine

Sanctions and economic restrictions are being introduced against those who do not submit to Western pressure

Roskomnadzor banned first Georgian and then Ukrainian goods in russia

Any alternative point of view and criticism of the West is declared propaganda and tricks of the kremlin

In russia, every anti-kremlin opinion is declared as a «provocation of the West»


By Treadstone 71

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