The drone can operate for up to 25 minutes and switch to a thermal imager at night.

The target detection range is up to a kilometer.

Norway and the UK will donate Norwegian-made Black Hornet micro-drones worth more than $9 million to Ukraine free of charge. The deliveries will be financed by the British fund, to which the Norwegian authorities contributed 400 million crowns. Drones will be bought from the developer of thermal imagers and sensors Teledyne Flir, the purchase, delivery and training of the military will be organized by the British authorities.

Also, the Norwegian authorities want to purchase the Nightfighter anti-drone protection system from the British SteelRock Technologies for Kyiv. The SteelRock Nightfighter is a portable anti-drone jamming system. The system is especially suitable for protecting small patrols, artillery positions, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense notes

UK and Norway will donate a batch of Teledyne Flir Black Hornet drones to Ukraine free of charge, which are designed for reconnaissance at short distances

Its weight is only 16 grams, and its dimensions are 10×2.5 cm. The drone can operate up to 25 minutes. One kit usually comes with two drones: while one is working, the other is charging. Target detection range – up to a kilometer. Such drones are intended for warfare at short distances, in particular in cities.

By Treadstone 71

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