Good night everybody. Guys, there is 1 problem and the help of able people is needed.

There is such a platform Netto Exchange – or rather it was .. A platform for depositing money at interest.

They opened in September, lasted a little less than a month .. closed. At present, the standard system of divorcing people for money. I, respectively, 1 of those who fell for it. Well, it doesn’t matter. The problem is that they still are. Given that they had almost 6,000 depositors, they are trying to swindle people for money, promising them to return the amount of the deposit. Although in fact they stupidly return the percentages that they have transferred to people during this time, whoever was lucky to withdraw at least some money. Here I am asking for help. I cannot warn all 6,000 people, someone writes to me, asks, I warn them. Are there people among you who can stop this?

I just feel sorry for the people, but I understand that many will try to return the deposit and transfer money to them.

By Treadstone 71

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