The embassies of Egypt in Kyiv and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China urged their citizens to urgently leave Ukraine due to the “serious security situation”.

Evacuation orders:

  • – China
  • – Kazakhstan
  • – Kyrgyzstan
  • – Uzbekistan
  • – Turkmenistan
  • – Serbia
  • — Tajikistan
  • — Belarus
  • – Egypt

Russian propaganda makes this assumption that these actions may mean the threat of a nuclear strike.

INCLUDING RUSSIANS from occupied lands:

Katsapia has begun the evacuation of its “state institutions” from the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region to Crimea. Employees, property of banks and pension fund are taken to the peninsula.

Embassies regularly call on citizens to leave Ukraine according to their protocols in case of danger in the host country. This is explained by the latest missile attacks on Ukraine.

NATO and the West closely monitor all similar actions of the Russians. They did not make any statement about the approach of danger.

⚠️ —  KazInform (October 11, 2022): Kazakhstan to evacuate embassy staff from Ukraine
— “«The employees of the Kazakh Embassy in Ukraine will be evacuated in coming days,» official representative of the Kazakh Foreign Embassy Aibek Smadiyarov said.

Earlier the Kazakh Embassy in Ukraine urged the nationals of Kazakhstan to leave the country.

The Foreign Ministry verifies information on how many citizens of Kazakhstan are staying in Ukraine now.

«The Embassy continues its work. The point at issue is the evacuation of the embassy staff not the closing down of the embassy. This issue will be solved over the next few days,» he said.”

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