⚡️ Dagestan is on fire. Mobilization of Dagestan partisans

With bated breath we are following the events in Dagestan. This morning, several hundred blocked the Khasavyurt-Makhachkala highway near the small village of Endirey. In response, above the heads of older women and heads of families, the frightened dogs of the regime opened fire. Today is also the day of the city of Makhachkala and the day of the anti-war rally. And what? The dogs of the regime are again firing at the protesters, pouring peppercorns on women and beating children. Do not waste time while these cowards are at war with women, attack military registration and enlistment offices and other state institutions. Focus on the list:

Military Commissariat of the Republic of Dagestan – st. Zamanova, 2

Military Commissariat of the city of Makhachkala RD – Hamidov Avenue, 63

Central State Archive of the Republic of Dagestan – st. Magomed Hajiyev, 172

Automotive service, GKU – Imam Shamil Avenue, 3

Makhachkala United Technical School DOSAAF Russia – st. Agasiev, 5

Representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Makhachkala – prosp. Imam Shamil, 44A

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Dagestan – st. Dakhadaeva, 107

Directorate of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Dagestan – st. Abduly Aliyev, 16

Morning of Dagestan” appeals to all the inhabitants of Russia, to all Russians.

This Chekist regime of Putin must be demolished completely and to the ground!!!

Tomorrow we Dagestan know that it is the simple Russian people who have experienced and are experiencing the greatest harm!

The entire post-Soviet space suffers from this regime!

The old dog wants to live, breathe and drink our blood!

Our children have grown up who have not seen another president except Putin!

The lesson of worthy Belarusians teaches us to cope to the last!

We are calling tomorrow at 10-00 am Moscow time to leave all of Moscow, St. Petersburg and all cities of Russia!

Resistance must be complete and complete!!!

Loss is no longer necessary!


For a long time we all put up with that damned gnome in the Kremlin.
We endured and were silent after Bolotnaya.
We endured and remained silent after the pension reform. We endured and were silent after the start of this fucking war. But patience is over and it is time to end the silence.

Stop waiting for the Cosmonauts to be sent to war.
Stop waiting for the domed gnome to go to hell.

It’s time to do something real.

Today, Dagestanis are great, today they are heroes. They fight for themselves and their loved ones. Fight for freedom!

It is time for us to follow their example. It’s time to fight the authorities for the PRESENT.


Take to the streets on Monday. Crowd, small group or one or two. Throw nails / broken glass! / “hedgehogs” under the wheels of paddy wagons and “bobiks”. Foam the exhaust pipes of paddy wagons.
Throw “koktelchiki” in military registration and enlistment offices and mobile collection points.
Help all those who are now going out in a single picket. Take them off the cops.
Draw graffiti and anti-war slogans everywhere and with anything.
If one of you is a lawyer or is familiar with them, help with all your legal powers to those who will fall into the departments; to all those who received summons; to all those who are trying to “sew a term.

Remember. Now we have a chance to change our destiny.
Right now we can… We must defeat the Kremlin bastard at any cost.

The sooner we do this, the more chances we have to live normally. Remember! All in our hands

By Treadstone 71

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