Gatherings in Iranian cities

On October 1, 1401, we will hold a protest rally in different parts of Iran.

(With or without internet, even if stones fall from the sky, we will come out)

#Death to Khamenei

Friday the first of Mehr 1401

‼️پیام یک دلاور میهن که دهه هشتادی است از کف خیابان خطاب به  همه ما
به من و شما
التماس میکند که به کف خیابانها بیایید و با ما کار را یکسره کنید

پنج شنبه  ۳۱ شهریور۱۴۰۱

In Tehran, Aryashahr area, Ferdous Blvd, Jinnah Street and Ayatollah Kashani, violent clashes between protesting people and Special Forces and Basij continue.

People are present in all the alleys and streets, even in the alleys and side streets, chanting slogans and gathering.

Special forces and Basij forces are oppressing people in the most severe way possible and use tear gas and shotguns to suppress and disperse people.

Zanjan: Repressive and criminal forces of Khamenei’s evil regime forcefully drag a girl to the ground to throw her into a car.


Important announcement of the Ministry of Information

Dear countryman;
Anti-revolutionary activities in recent incidents, anyone participating in illegal gatherings will be prosecuted according to the Islamic Penal Code.

The Sign of Oppression

Pasdaran Cyber ​​Corps

By Treadstone 71

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