Promoter of Russian disinformation, lies, malinformation, misinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and all-round purveyor of cognitive warfare against the US and Europe – The Times of Valinor (Of course it is translated to Russian)

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So, the promised premiere

The film “My Son Hunter”, which has already made a splash across the ocean, about the son of the current US President Joe Biden, has been translated and adapted by the Herald of Valinor project for the Russian-speaking audience.

The film explains what happened during the controversial 2020 presidential election, and sheds light on the dubious and sometimes outright illegal activities of America’s first family.

Since YouTube and RuTube did not let the film through and block it due to copyright, we uploaded it to other available platforms.


You can watch the full version online with Russian subtitles in Vkontakte.

You can download the movie from our Yandex.Disk (we warn you – the movie weighs 6 GB).

Sit back, stock up on treats and enjoy your viewing!

Started May 30

Today, the cozy little world of liberal fantasies about the general welfare is undergoing a serious test of strength. The same thing happens with all the bearers of bright ideas, because their sectarian thinking simply does not allow them to accept reality.

That is why the Internet has been reminiscent of a fool for the past few months, where some violently lunatics call for ethnic cleansing and a war of annihilation in plain text, while other violently lunatics ask for forgiveness and repent for their national identity.

Most recently, everyone’s favorite “Medusa” talked to a parody Twitter account and, without noticing a dirty trick, published this material on quite serious cabbage soup. The world media call the surrender an evacuation, causing bewilderment among publicists who have retained a few minds, and the ambassadors of the world’s leading democracies post photoshopped pictures on social networks, passing them off as something relevant.

Such a strong intensity of schizophrenia told us that now is the time to break into the news agenda and tell you what is really happening with the adherents of the cult of the infallible Free World ™.

Meet the most truthful telegram publication, if such exists at all.


By Treadstone 71

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