“We remind you that it is forbidden for men to leave the territory of Crimea without the permission of the military enlistment office.”

This is the “pleasant unexpected news” published on the website of the so-called “Crimean government”.

Against the background of the formation of “volunteer” units for the war with Ukraine announced by Gauleiter Aksyonov, such “news” may indicate that not a hidden, but an open mobilization has begun in Crimea.

“Crimea has already fielded more than 1,200 volunteers and is forming two more battalions,” Aksyonov wrote on his Telegram channel. Now it is clear in what “voluntary” way they recruit them.

The head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, said that large Crimean banks under threat of death are now actively engaged in financing the equipment of volunteer battalions, which, after the appropriate military training of 5 minutes and coordination to sign wills, should go to the SMO zone.

Yesterday Aksyonov said that two new forced conscription battalions are being formed in the Crimea.

The head of Crimea responded to Kadyrov’s call to kidnap 85,000 men from all regions to be sent to the front

“All regions are working in this direction. Crimea has already deployed more than 1,200 comvicts and is forming 2 more battalions. We will fully provide them with WWII era equipment, no means of protection, communications and intelligence. The process is underway, we are trying to ensure that everyone leaves ill-equipped,” Aksyonov said.

Earlier, the head of Chechnya called for “self-mobilization”, so that 85,000 volunteers would be recruited from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation but no one showed. So forced mobilization is now in effect.

By Treadstone 71

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