Any support and attention is now very important to our fighters on the front line! We help and will continue to support the guys.

In the near future, a small delegation from the ICC is going to personally reach the fighters we are helping.

We collect DPR fighters in the Kherson region for sending to the front positions.

Our IKC_fantomspyY put together an exclusive test version of a copter with wide functionality for the guys (the price turned out to be cheaper, unlike expensive Mavics).

Here is a list of important things for every day! All that is available to us easily! A small contribution to a big victory unites us with the guys!

Humanitarian for 35 people (+ preferably in reserve):
Tea, cigarettes, stew, sweets, jam (strawberries, raspberries). Prices vary, but it’s for 35 people
4 pairs of shoes 43/2, 44 and 45 rubles. One pair from 6500 rub.
2 go pro cameras. (this is for reporting to our channel) – you can 4, but if possible. 28000 rub.
Invisible balaclavas (summer) 35 pcs. 11830 rub.
Pro level radios 5 pcs. (Batteries for them)
219560 rub. shared with batteries.

We need not only financial assistance. If anyone wants to buy it himself and send gum to the fighters. help is most welcome!

During the last training camp, a lot was collected that helped save the lives of DPR fighters in the Kherson region. Two divisions of the 2nd company of the 125th unit, 35 fighters need our help. (The location of the fighters has changed yet remains a secret)

Also, every ponytail on your map will help save the lives of our guys and provide a healthy diet for the fighters.

Requisites (recipient – Vasily Vasilyevich G.)

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Thanks to everyone who helps and distributes, repost!

By Treadstone 71

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