russian propaganda spreads narrative about satisfaction with the EU gas price record:
 timely filling of gas storage facilities is unlikely due to “problems” with the Nord stream
 in case of suspention of russian gas supply, the available gas will be enough for only 2.5 months
 Europeans won’t survive winter, they need to return to the dialogue with the rf

 Germans have bought all electric heaters, store with firewood and insulate buildings
 energy sanctions against the rf are mistake
 energy prices are more important than Ukraine’s support for Europeans

The propaganda of the rf focuses on the economic benefit of cooperation with russia and offers cheap gas in exchange for loyalty to russian aggression. It doesn’t correspond to the EU principles where ethical principles prevail. The danger from russia, where gas is weapons, exacerbates Europe’s determination to lose energy blackmail and unites in support of Ukraine.

By Treadstone 71

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