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The case of the “clerical knife” and the blow to the prisoners of war.

1) The video of the castration of a Ukrainian prisoner with a clerical knife is a war crime. The man has been identified, his future fate, I hope, is predetermined.

This is not the first time that Ukrainian prisoners of war have been tortured in captivity. There are sufficient reasons to believe that all the information from TASS, RIA, etc. regarding the “horrors in Ukrainian captivity” is a mirror image of the real situation, but only in captivity in the Russian Federation. Thus, the editorial group tritely rewrites information from the Kremlin about torture in Russian dungeons, blaming the Ukrainian side for this.

We remember how, in the early days of the war, the Russians actively stressed the sexual nature of war crimes in Ukrainian captivity, but there is still no real evidence of sexual violence by Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian “prison” is considered one of the wildest in terms of sexual torture.

The castration that got into the network is one of the ordinary and even trivial cases in Russian dungeons – this information is confirmed by human rights activists.

2) Regarding the blow of the Nazis on the colony in Yelenovka:
– Initially, the Russian side blamed the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but no video of the strike itself was shown.
– the fascists claim that the strike was carried out with the help of HIMARS, but neither shots of the impact nor the remains of the projectile were provided (the fascists do not have a HIMARS installation, so they cannot rivet provocative videos, as was the case with “Point U”)
– according to available data, a fairly large group of “Azovites” has been transferred to this “isolation” over the past 48 hours
– strikes at the place of concentration of prisoners are quite common practice for Russian fascists. So the Russians tried to hide the mass deaths in captivity (torture and executions)
– To refute this information, the Nazis must provide access to the corpses, the wounded and the isolation ward itself to international organizations so that they conduct an independent military and medical investigation. If such an initiative is not proposed within 48 hours of the tragedy, Russia will indirectly confirm that it has attacked prisoners who were already killed (from torture) at the time of the strike. There was a “camouflage under a false flag.”
– No one was killed among the “guards”: only representatives of the prisoners were seriously injured, which is a strange thing. Were there no guards in the detention center?

Thus, both factors repeat the practice of the “Chechen war”, on the wave of which the terrorist Putin became president.
– information about torture in captivity, executions of prisoners, etc. published so that none of the parties in the future will surrender or take prisoner.
– This is necessary in the framework of the future return of Kherson, where the Nazis are already in a “dead end” from which it is difficult to get out.
– Russia is absolutely indifferent to the fate of Russian soldiers – “women are still giving birth.” So for the Russians, prisoners are a bigger problem than the dead. The latter are easier to call “missing”, thus putting a damper from relatives.

RIA Novosti correspondent shows the wreckage of HIMARS found at the site of the strike on the colony with Ukrainian prisoners in Yelenovka

We pay attention to the fact that all the wreckage is lined up in a row on a bench.

The probable reason is the inability to repeat the original HIMARS expansion.

Moreover, there is still no video of the arrival of that same HIMARS. Russia does not have HIMARS, so the Kremlin could not make a fake, unlike “Points U”, the launch footage of which was published by Moscow itself.

On the left side on the bench – some kind of hodgepodge of details and stones. What is this?

In addition, at the very edge of the shop “blue notebook”. What is he doing there, and what does he have to do with the HIMARS projectile?

I recognize the handwriting of the FSB with the obligatory “forbidden literature” in the backpack…

Upd. Readers notice that some of the wreckage is rusty, which also confirms the artificiality of this kind of evidence.

Notepad is the Bible.
And what does she have to do with it?

At this time, in the United States, at the behind-the-scenes level, discussions continue on the consequences of recognizing the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Is the Kremlin preparing a “provocation with Russian prisoners”?

One of the acquaintances of “Soviet deserters from the intellectual and security circles” reports that one of the goals of publishing a video with the brutal murder of a prisoner is “to exasperate the military leadership of Ukraine, which is responsible for Russian prisoners.”

– The video was probably leaked by the Russian special services, as it was given out in 2 pieces, as if in a TV series.
– Videos like this are shared internally only – chances of accidental leaks are minimal, as evidenced by the lack of early leaks of similar videos.
– The video was uploaded in “2 blocks” [1 per day] to enhance the emotional effect of the formation of “ultra-aggression” by the Ukrainian military.
– A video with “special cruelty” was deliberately merged with clearly “dehumanizing” visual information with an emphasis on sexual topics (fixation on the topic of sex and genitals is a clear feature of the KGB and the FSB as a “successor”)

Likely target:
– Provocation of the symmetrical behavior of the Ukrainian military in relation to Russian prisoners.
– The life of Russian soldiers (as well as the life of Soviet soldiers, – the interlocutor clarifies) has never been of value to the Kremlin command, therefore, for the sake of political goals, the Kremlin is, in principle, ready to sacrifice all captured Russians.
– The probable task of the Kremlin is to record, through its agents in the Ukrainian ranks, the torture of Russian prisoners. For this, both existing agents and urgently recruited personnel can be used.
– For success, it does not matter whether the performer knows that he works directly for the Kremlin.
– The “task” for the recruited person may be to record on video and carry out violent acts of a sexual and purely physical nature in relation to captured Russians.
– After the “transmission” of the video over the intercom, after a while, the footage can be leaked to the network, and then sent to international human rights organizations in order to intensify their pressure on both the Ukrainian leadership and Western structures.
– The global task is to reduce the confidence of Western services in the Ukrainian leadership with a subsequent reduction in military supplies.

At the same time, the messages “this is war: crimes are committed by both sides” will be disseminated in the Western press through the lobby; “not everything is so simple”, etc.

We do not succumb to the emotional operations of the Russian Federation and continue to comply with the rules of international conventions for the treatment of prisoners. Violation of these will not lead to changes at the front, but their violation with further fixation by Ukraine is the likely goal of the Russian leadership.

By Treadstone 71

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