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“NATO has set the task of transferring Ukraine from Soviet to NATO weapons, as part of this process there is no list of weapons, the transfer of which would be excluded. NATO supplies a wide range of the most modern types of weapons to Ukraine,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

Biden: 50 countries have made new commitments as part of a global effort to support Ukraine to deliver:

▪️almost 140 thousand anti-tank systems;
▪️more than 600 tanks;
▪️almost 500 artillery systems;
▪️more than 600 thousand artillery ammunition;
▪️modern MLRS;
▪️anti-ship systems;
▪️ air defense systems.

As you and I expected, Ukraine is gradually being transferred to NATO-style weapons. And this means that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving under NATO standards.

I will keep silent about further prospects for the end of the war in this direction …

But I will say that in the West, the work of the Ukrainian military was actively evaluated according to several criteria, among which the quick learning ability and incredible involvement with a high professional level were most clearly noted.

Such analyzes of the purely internal incarnation of the Ukrainian army are a signal of the West’s high interest in Ukraine as a military-strategic partner.

Also in the analytical materials of the military, the Ukrainian army was mentioned several times as “the most effective and productive army” in Eastern Europe, taking into account the resources it has for defense.

This is actually a guarantee that no one is going to “merge Kyiv”, despite the mournful howls of some experts.

As already mentioned, the West has put its reputation and its own world influence on the line of this war, and it cannot allow Ukraine to lose, because then strategic rivals – China, for example – will realize the strategic global weakness of the “free world”, which will lead to the collapse of the modern world order and the interception of influence by “authoritarian regimes”.

In this regard, it is impossible to take seriously information about a real collusion between Washington and Moscow, in exchange for some behind-the-scenes agreements.

The defeat of Ukraine in the current realities will completely cross out the image of the mighty States, the image of the invincible NATO, the image of effective Western weapons. And of course, the overall level of casualties cannot be compared with any behind-the-scenes concession that the “Eastern world” can offer.

Deliveries at the moment are limited by the real need to retrain soldiers for their training in the effective use of Western weapons. Also, the “stop factor” is the infrastructure case.

Weapons not only need to be smuggled through a highly complex logistical chain, they also need to be stored in secret storage facilities long enough to pave the way for a counteroffensive.

Nevertheless, within the framework of the NATO summit, total support was achieved for the idea of ​​the need to “total armament of Ukraine” with everything necessary for victory.

Alludes to it and
Stoltenberg directly:
The price we pay by supporting Ukraine is much lower than the price we will pay if we do not support it – NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

I hope this will stop the constant disputes “leaked – not leaked.”

Ukraine has not been merged and will never be merged. Russia has nothing that can even approximately compensate for the consequences of Ukraine’s defeat in the war.

By Treadstone 71

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