Internet warriors “diagnosed” megalomania in Putin, schizophrenia in Lavrov, and paraphrenic syndrome was attributed to Medvedev.

As you know, earlier Putin illiterately compared himself with Peter I , and Lavrov and Medvedev are known for their ambiguous statements, which may indicate big mental health problems.

Putin’s illnesses: what is known

Earlier, the former head of Mi-6 (UK’s secret intelligence service), Richard Dirlove, said that Russian President Putin would soon “go to a sanatorium” and would not do it of his own free will. After that, the dictator will lose power, and  in 2023 he will no longer be alive .

On May 29, the Daily Mirror and a number of other European media outlets, citing an FSB source, reported that  Putin had “a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer” and that he had allegedly been warned of an imminent death. The Kremlin denies these reports.

By Treadstone 71

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