Today was a turning point. The United States approved Lend-Lease.

81 years ago, with the help of the American Lend-Lease for the USSR, they broke the back of Hitler’s fascism.

Today, the American Lend-Lease, already directed against the successor of the USSR, will put an end to Putin’s fascism.

Historical impartiality worthy of an epic.

What Ukraine can get as a result of Lend-Lease and the upcoming $20 billion aid:

 tanks of the third generation M1A2 Abrams
 US infantry fighting vehicles M2A3 Bradley
 self-propelled guns M109A6 Paladin
 multiple launch rocket systems on HIMARS wheeled chassis
 universal launcher / MLRS M270 MLRS
 mobile Norwegian air defense system NASAMS 2
 SAM Patriot
 4th generation multifunctional light fighters F-16 C/D

American analysts believe that the revival of Lend-Lease is of great historical importance, since in 1941 such an initiative was the decisive factor that allowed the Allies to defeat the Nazis in World War II.

By Treadstone 71

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