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Until 2015, information about people closest to Vladimir Putin was carefully concealed. The head of the country himself, after taking office, did his best not to reveal the secrets of his family. Already, a well-known politician reports only the most general information, including to ask questions to journalists.


So Vladimir Vladimirovich constantly emphasizes that his children have nothing to do with either politics or business. They live in Moscow and build a career in their homeland. But even close proximity does not allow the family to meet often due to the busy schedule of the head of state. Typically, Vladimir Putin sees his 31-year-old daughter Ekaterina Tikhonova and her 32-year-old older sister Maria Faassen a couple of times a month, leaving no photos or videos.

Information about the president’s family appeared after RosBusinessConsulting specialists became interested in the personality of the head of Innopraktika, about whom there was no information in open sources. At the same time, the director of the enterprise of innovative developments of the Moscow State University of the state and international level was not even noted as the author of scientific works. The request for an interview was also denied.

Shortly after the start of the investigation, the well-known Reuters and Bloomberg agencies published information obtained from anonymous sources, which confirmed the fact that Ekaterina Tikhonova is the daughter of the first person of the Russian Federation. Then the following facts became known.

Katerina Tikhonova and Kirill Shamalov

According to journalists, the president was at the opening of the ski resort in early 2006, and in 2013, his daughter Katerina and the son of his friend Kirill Shamalov, co-owner of Rossiya Bank, got married at this resort. In addition to Igora, Krivonogikh owns (75%) another object – the Leningrad Center, located in the Tauride Garden in St. Petersburg. This is a cultural space where exhibitions, performances and other events take place. Among the property of the Crooked Legs, journalists found a 37-meter Aldoga yacht, as well as a 200-meter apartment and non-residential premises “in the most famous place in St. Petersburg – at the very beginning of Bolshaya Morskaya Street, not far from the exit to Piazza del Palazzo.” Both of these properties went to Bowlegs in 2008. An Oil Canvas restaurant has opened in a non-residential building.”

According to the journalists of the Project, the real estate and commercial assets of the Krivonogs can be estimated at 7.7 billion rubles, or about $100 million.


However, all these are just details of the extensive investigation of the “Project”: journalists claim that the main asset of the Crooked Legs is their daughter, born in 2003. Allegedly, her father is VVP himself. Even people in her entourage do not deny that Svetlana knew the current president.
In addition, their acquaintance began in the 90s, before Vladimir Vladimirovich became the head of the country. The relationship lasted for a while, but eventually ended. In copies of Elizabeth’s documents, according to the editors of the “Project”, the patronymic “Vladimirovna” appears. The girl has been living under an assumed name for many years and, according to journalists, is “phenomenally” similar to her father. As evidence, they cite computer analysis based on photographs of Elizabeth and her alleged father, Professor Hassan Ugail, director of the Center for Visual Analysis at the University of Bradford. According to the media, a match of 70.44% is a very high result, which may indicate the relationship of two people.

Unfortunately, the “Project” did not dare to publish a photo of the girl so that the readers themselves could be convinced of her resemblance to the leader of the country. And all the images from social networks that showed her face, Elizabeth would have been erased.
There are many suspicious details in this story, but one thing is clear: whoever Elizabeth and her mother are, you don’t have to worry about the well-being of this modest Russian family.

The house where Svetlana lived in a communal apartment before she moved to luxury housing

Former neighbors of Gorokhovaya Street claim that at that time the girl had an influential admirer. Be that as it may, journalists claim that almost immediately after graduation, Svetlana became a shareholder in several banks, including the rapidly growing Rossiya Bank in St. Petersburg. In 2001, he registered the Relax company, for which he registered his share in the bank. Prior to the election of VVP as president, Rossiya was known almost exclusively in the north-west of the Russian Federation, but after this fateful event, the bank was literally replenished with assets, including Sogaz, Gazprombank and Gazfond. Now this bank is among the twenty largest in the Russian Federation, although its position has suffered somewhat after the imposition of sanctions by the West.

The proportion of bow-legged people, according to the Proekt newspaper, is small in the Russian capital – about 2.8%, but this is not the only thing that a Petersburger owns. He owns 75% of the Ozone company, as well as the Igora resort, which, by the way, loves VVP.

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