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In the media plane, rumors began to be uploaded that a “ring of traitors” was forming around Putin, the roots of which go back to structures associated with the FSB, and the financial component is based on the assets of the “Family”, which in the 2000s exchanged “power” for money.

This deal was carried out forcibly – Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, and so on turned out to be refuseniks.

The most indicative is the “Berezovsky case”, which opened the door for a “compromising person” who “will turn a blind eye to the fragmentation of assets and power” and “will be eternally grateful that she was opened the way to big politics.”

The bet didn’t just fail – Berezovsky paid for his mistake, first with power, then with money, and in the end with his life. Minesweeper makes only one mistake – and it is in front of us.

They worked with the respected Khodorkovsky through Operation Energia, but it was a cover to eliminate the possibility of the formation of opposition clans within the Russian power structure.

The Yukos case became a signal for the entire structure of the “Family”. It just so happened that the deal “exchanging power for money” was not such – the power was not “changed”, but squeezed out, and for any attempt to intercept it they took both money and freedom.

Then there was a “bifurcation of the system.” The family was guaranteed complete security of assets, regardless of the political situation. “As long as Putin is in power, nothing threatens you.” Asset holders agreed.

No one would have dared to take away assets from everyone at the same time because of the possibility of a major internal conspiracy.

Power was transferred to the power vertical – the real power of “full control over the country.”

By the end of the 2000s, the FSB turned out to be the most powerful. From this point on, they went into a relatively autonomous voyage, having the possibility of an active independent behind-the-scenes game. The goal of this game was total control over the country.

The FSB tactfully retreated in 2014. Since 2019, Putin begins to “move away” from his apparatus. The period 2019-2022 has become a stage of a stable flow of power in favor of Patrushev’s department.

The signal for “Putin’s return to the game” was the temporary arrest of Professor Nightingale.

This was followed by “a special military operation for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.” In fact, the second 2014. The purpose of the formation of Novorossia was the accumulation of all power levers, which dissipated in 3 years.

Is it necessary for the FSB – think for yourself.

But the “agreement”, concluded at the beginning of the 2000s, turned out to be terminated. The safety of the “Family” money was in jeopardy. And if this continues, control over the economic component will pass into the hands of the PRC. In turn, the alliance between the Russian Federation and the PRC adds a third link to the power structure – the Chinese one, which may soon become dominant.

Thus, the rumors have a completely logical “selfish” justification.
– The family is losing money
– In the future, the strategic influence of the FSB is decreasing.

Oh yes. Rumors simply do not spread centrally – they either “directly” prepare the ground for an upcoming event, or disguise its real performers, leaving a face under the spotlight, the reprisals against which are beneficial to the clans playing under the carpet.

Military success in Ukraine would guarantee a “double success” for the presidential backbone:

– The contract with the “Family” is terminated, and hence the relative level of dependence on them. Excess weight is dropped from the shoulders. Funds are in cryostasis, which means that sponsoring “under the carpet” is impossible.
– A “supercenter” of forces is being formed, which gradually and systematically absorbs all other mechanisms of “alternative” or “autonomous” power. Thus, the security of the transit of power is guaranteed – there is no one left inside the system with an autonomous ability to control and in the future there are no “bags of money” that can finance the conspiracy. Until 2024, the clearing would have been completely cleared.

Gas in rubles and the collapse of the “Family”

Let’s start with the fact that Shoigu and Gerasimov – the caretakers of the “red button” – disappeared from the air. As you remember, Shoigu was presented as an obvious conspirator who will try to eliminate Putin. Gerasimov was responsible for the preparation of the so-called “special operation”. Western media report that Shoigu has heart problems. Nothing is known about Gerasimov yet.

On the other hand, the post about the “Family”, which is rather peculiar for the channel, turned out to be not accidental, like everything that is published “outside the general picture”.

Now it’s just a matter of picking up the signals. So, today the one who “brought Putin to Moscow, placed him close to Yeltsin and whispered to the latter about the need for a “young and liberal successor” left the country.

Let’s just say that Chubais was a member of the “clan of syslibs” [systemic liberals]. They formed one of the 3 pillars of the state vertical, which still requires the word “pseudo”, since, in fact, there was no division.

But the vector is worth designating. The entire Putin vertical was divided into 3 “barracks”:
– Guardians [imperials, militarists – power bloc]– Technocrats [Mishustin’s group, for example]– Sislibs [whole 90s campaign]

The latter were pulled to implement one task:
– agreements with Yeltsin for the safety of the “Family” assets – after all, this was the only reason why from the mass of candidates they chose the one [quote below], “who was least like the president – both in personal qualities and in professional ones.”

The West independently strangled the “syslibs” with sanctions – and they were affected by personalized sanctions, but they did not touch the dense group of “guardians” – their assets are hidden not in the West, but in Africa and the East.

Moreover, only the “Guardians” had real political power. Everyone else had to agree with the decision and “minimize losses.”

This is not always possible, as, for example, now. Further, there will be no more risks – “the country has approached the abyss, and the authorities have helped it to take a step forward.”

This is one of the reasons why the “sislibs”, tied to Western contacts, fell into disgrace – and the urgent departure of Chubais is a signal that the entire “first” grouping of the “Family” suffered a rather ultimatum fate.

An indirect signal of the “family end” was the case against Nevzorov. He was given the opportunity to fly out of the country, and then, in a specialized language, “the window was closed for the bird.” “Family” is a triple Chinese warning.

The group, which had the status of untouchable, lost the status quo: the country returned to the 30s of the last century, which means it’s time to “clean up their tails.”

Those who escaped are already accumulating around a number of “promising figures of alternative power.” One of the main leaders of the future adequate Peace Party will be Abramovich.

Axis of absolute evil and the anti-dollar coalition

While in Russia they are trying to find Shoigu and fight the second army in Europe, a rather interesting dynamics of relations-ligaments begins in the East.

In a previous article, I mentioned that “gas for rubles” is connected with China’s game of “displacing the dollar from the throne of energy resources.”

But the RF implements the scheme rather crookedly:
– there is the term “petrodollar”, but there is no “gasdollar”, so to overthrow the US empire through symbolic games with gas is a little pointless
– long-term gas contracts were signed in dollars and euros, which means that Russia, being unable to accept them, will have to pay fines for violating energy obligations. Only “spot” markets remain for rubles, where there has never been a ruble.
– it is impossible to “lock” the gas in the pipe – it is still under high pressure, which means that as an opportunity to “freeze Europe” you can only resort to stunning measures in the face of undermining your own gas pipeline
– Russia is deliberately provoking an oil crisis in Europe, cutting off the connection between the West and Kazakhstan due to “emergency technical problems.”
– Russia does not have a subject currency status – it is not the root in the world economic system, which means it is not capable of dictating the rules of the economic game, unlike China.
– Russia also binds Belarus to the unstable ruble, thereby reducing the share of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, but provoking even greater economic shocks within Belarus. In addition, in this case, the “currency window” through the Belarusian ruble for the sanctions schematosis is also eliminated.

In the East, the scheme of “attempts to dictate the course of the dollar” is implemented somewhat more successfully.
– The PRC is developing a game scheme with Saudi Arabia, as a result of which one of the most important “oil countries” will start trading black gold in yuan, thereby eliminating the “petrodollar dictatorship”
– India is considering the option of trading energy resources in rupees.

Thus, an attempt is being made to build a system that bypasses dependence on the States, which will directly lead to a decrease in Washington’s influence. Nevertheless, the “dual currency of energy transactions” is a rather controversial decision that will cause delays, due to the fact that the dollar equivalent has been the main one for the last century, which means that the new model will be, to put it mildly, far from simple implementation.

We also see additional features of the “monstrous axis”.
– Iran, by implementing the “nuclear deal”, seeks to achieve an exclusive nature of relations with the United States, but at the same time, Russia demands the opportunity to exclusively “bypass the sanctions” to trade with Iran. Thus, a “double tie” is obtained, as a result of which the States will have to comply with the requirements of Iran in order to reduce the influence of the Russian Federation in the eastern region.
– Iran supports the weakening of Russia as a way to increase its own influence in the plane of Syria. So, by intercepting control over the patrimony of Bashar al-Assad, Iran is taking a toy from the Kremlin’s hands.
– The “sharp fall of Russia” is dangerous for Iran, since in this case the “emptiness” will not have time to occupy Iran, which is moving away from the sanctions – the “throne” will be intercepted by representatives of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
– The states do not want the complete defeat of the Russian Federation in the East, as this will provoke a new “Arab outbreak”, which, without a mediator, risks developing into a global military crisis, due to which oil will generally be blocked in the lines of rupture and bombing.
– The states may consider the option of “feeding China with Russian influence”, but this is a long-term strategically disastrous decision, making the PRC the main and only hegemon in the East. And then Xi, by controlling the eastern plane, can actually achieve a revolution in the world currency.

From this follows a rather cautious game of the States on the current eastern course. The system of “Beijing diabolical proxies” is fully formed. PRC [economic saturation point] – RF [nuclear blackmail, gas and oil] – Iran [oil, nuclear games] – Saudi Arabia [oil] – Syria – North Korea…

The goal of the United States and the entire civilized world is to prevent the formation of an “axis of evil” and the strengthening of its influence in the region.

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