Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova dedicated a post to us where she compared the Russian Asset Tracker to the “arization of the nation’s economy” in Nazi Germany.

Russian Asset Tracker is the most comprehensive database ever published of foreign assets associated with Russian oligarchs, officials and propagandists, as well as their relatives. The database includes real estate, yachts, private jets, bank accounts and shares in companies.

In her opinion, we did it exactly one day before the NATO summit in Brussels, “so that there is something to look through during boring meetings and choose a house for ourselves.”

Maria also found an “unexpected coincidence” – she says that the persons on our list “coincide with the list that Navalny’s extremist Anti-Corruption Foundation sent to the President of the United States in 2020”

We must break the coincidence: all the pages of the project say that the project was based on a list of 35 people whom Alexei Navalny called “the main accomplices and beneficiaries of the Kremlin kleptocracy.”

However, this is not the end of the investigation, which Maria informs everyone about:

The OCCRP encourages anyone with knowledge of other property owned by Russian citizens abroad to report it to OCCRP.

You can do this through this form.

But here’s a coincidence we can’t get out of our heads: why does the Foreign Ministry official continue to write on Facebook three days after Russia recognized the activities of Meta and its Facebook and Instagram social networks as extremist?

Finnish authorities removed the freeze from the yacht, which was associated with Dmitry Medvedev

The Finnish Customs has finished checking the yacht “Fotinia”, which was associated with the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council and former Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, and allowed her to be launched.

The fact that “Fotinia” may belong to Medvedev, Alexei Navalny reported in the investigation “He is not Dimon to you”, its cost was estimated at $ 11 million.

The manager of the Kotka Yacht Store, where the yacht was stored, said that the customs claims were related to the yacht’s entry and export documents. The Finnish edition of Yle notes that the investigation into the ownership of the yacht is still ongoing and the confiscation may take place.

At the same time, Finland detained 21 yachts that may be associated with Russian oligarchs. Law enforcement agencies are trying to establish their owners. Yachts were banned from leaving the country. The list of assets that were frozen in the EU due to Russians falling under sanctions can be viewed here

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