People in Belarus are fighting back against election fraud. Here is their ask:

In 2020, you ended up in the election commission for the election of the President of the Republic of Belarus and signed a protocol with deliberately false data on the results of voting at your polling station.

You knew that you were committing a crime for which, under articles 128, 130, 192 and 357 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, serious punishment is provided.

But you were absolutely sure that it would not affect you, that such an action does not matter in a country where the law is always on the side of those on whom your employment depends.

But you were mistaken: your complicity in this crime had the most serious consequences.

Thousands of your fellow citizens, do not agree with the theft of their votes, received physical and psychological injuries. Some of them ended up in prison. There are those who were forced to leave the country. There are those who have been unlawfully deprived of their jobs. But there are also those who will never again vote either in elections or in referendums, because they were deprived of the most valuable thing – life.

This is the result of your confidence that the falsification of the voting results is not a serious crime.

That everything has been decided for us long ago. Here you are also mistaken: we always have a choice. And now this choice is not about politics. It is about the values that define each of us as a person.

Actions that have grave consequences for the country and its citizens can no longer be hidden. The regime is no longer able to protect the data of those who execute his orders to falsify the vote in the “Referendum”.

If you were again offered to participate in the election commission for the Referendum:

  1. Contact the Honest People>> initiative via the telegram account @ contact2022
  2. Tell us about the falsification of turnout and voting results in your polling station.

We guarantee anonymity.

We are all citizens of one country, and even a small action of each of us brings closer the moment when we will build a state in which law and law will prevail. The state we all deserve.

Do you think you received this email by mistake?

If you were a member of the commission in the presidential elections, but did not participate in the falsifications or even tried to resist them – please contact HAMI We will exclude you from the list of falsifiers. To do this, write a telegram account (@contact2022), name the site number and tell your story.

Citizenship of Belarus

By Treadstone 71

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