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Recent IS Activity in Iraq and Syria


  • IS attacked Ghuwayran prison in Hasaka, 250+ PKK casualties including prison director and several commanders, 27 vehicles destroyed, very large number of prisoners freed
  • US forces, PKK militants and media teams attacked near Ghuwayran prison, 2 casualties
  • Syrian army bus ambushed in Deir Ezzor desert, 25+ casualties
  • 2 groups of PKK fighters attacked in Ghuwayran prison after they announced control over it, 8 casualties
  • PKK HQ attacked in Hariji, 8+ casualties
  • Syrian army convoy attacked near Mayadin, 9 casualties, several vehicles damaged
  • IS simultaneously attacked 3 PKK checkpoints in Ashita, Jasmi and Muayjil and took control of them, killing and injuring several militants
  • Syrian army positions attacked in Kashma, 4 killed
  • PKK military camp attacked with medium weapons on the road between Hasakah and Shaddadi
  • PKK HQ attacked in Busayra, 5+ casualties
  • 2 PKK HQs attacked in Ziban with rockets, causing material damage and several injuries
  • PKK checkpoint attacked near Hadiqa Bayda in Raqqah city, several casualties
  • PKK checkpoint attacked near Dalla roundabout in Raqqah city, several casualties
  • PKK intelligence center attacked in Karamah
  • PKK police HQ attacked in Karamah
  • PKK vehicle attacked in Hasaka, several killed and injured
  • PKK HQ in Ziban attacked with rockets, several injured
  • PKK military academy attacked in Kibar, several injured
  • PKK vehicle ambushed on Kharafi road, several casualties
  • PKK checkpoint attacked near Jasmi, several casualties
  • PKK HQ attacked in Kibar, ammunition exploded inside, causing a fire
  • IED exploded on PKK police checkpoint in Karamah, several casualties
  • PKK military academy attacked in Kibar, material damage
  • 3 PKK HQs attacked around Ziban, causing material damage
  • Syrian army vehicle attacked in Resafa, 3 casualties
  • Qatirji oil convoy attacked in Mankhar, tanker damaged, driver injured
  • Syrian army vehicle destroyed by IED in Faydat
  • Syrian army vehicle destroyed by IED in Deir Ezzor desert, 2 casualties
  • PKK commander and his guard injured in Kisra
  • PKK militants attacked in Muhaimida
  • PKK vehicle attacked in Shafa, 1 killed
  • Syrian army vehicle destroyed in Kabajib
  • 2 Syrian soldiers killed in Deir Ezzor
  • PKK militant slaughtered inside his car in Raqqah
  • PKK militant killed in Hasaka
  • PKK spy killed in Tayyana
  • PKK militant injured in Suweidan
  • PKK spy captured and slaughtered in Hajin
  • Clashes with Syrian army in Resafa
  • Clashes with militia loyal to Syrian army in Kadir
  • Clashes with Syrian army in Shoula


  • Army HQ attacked in Azim, 11 soldiers killed, 5 vehicles and a thermal camera destroyed
  • 3 army and PMF barracks attacked in Azim, 12+ casualties, Humvee and thermal camera destroyed
  • 10 soldiers killed and injured in clashes in Azeri
  • Army barracks attacked near Tikrit, 7 casualties, vehicle damaged
  • PMF and police ambushed in Rashad, several casualties including a lieutenant colonel, 2 4WD vehicles destroyed
  • Police Humvee destroyed by IED in Salab, several killed
  • IED exploded on soldiers in Azim, 3 injured including a lieutenant colonel
  • PMF Humvee and 4WD vehicles destroyed by IEDs in Ukashat, killing and injuring those in them
  • Clashes with police and PMF near Tarmiya, 2 killed
  • Army 4WD vehicle attacked near Ukashat, several casualties
  • Army barracks attacked in Daquq, 2 casualties
  • Army Humvee destroyed by IED near Rutbah, several casualties
  • Army 4WD vehicle damaged by IED near Mosul, several injured
  • IED exploded on police patrol near Daquq, several casualties
  • Police officer killed, thermal camera destroyed in Aresha
  • 3 spies working for police killed near Samarra
  • Mortar shelling on army barracks on the international road east of Rutbah
  • Mortar shelling on army in Kawamat
Our enemy is based more on information warfare than on military ones. The media is the gateway to war, its way and its propaganda; Do not underestimate your media support for the caliphate or your incitement to jihad.
Continue your incitement

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