From Russian site:

We collected indirect signs indicating that at least in the next couple of weeks there will be no war between Russia and Ukraine:

  • Weather factor – in the Rostov and Belgorod regions, a thaw has come, which will last at least a week
  • Sergey Lavrov’s categorical statements about non-aggression
  • Cancellation of the evacuation of US diplomatic mission personnel
  • According to our information, none of the EU and NATO countries evacuated diplomats from Kiev, only certain countries evacuated family members
  • The invariability of the assessments of the Russian group on the border with Ukraine. The increase is clearly caused by the transfer of troops to Belarus.
  • State Department’s admission that NATO doesn’t really know about Russia’s true plans
  • Erdogan’s visit to Ukraine on February 3, waiting for Ukraine’s response on the initiatives of the LPR-DPR until February 7
  • Apparently, a very mundane telephone conversation between Zelensky and Biden
  • Repetition of the old set of theses by the Pentagon and the State Department during the well-known briefings
  • Russia’s neutral-restrained reaction to the US and NATO written responses, Lavrov’s clear statements on the status of the LPR and DPR

From a Belarusian Site

We consider unacceptable even the idea of ​​a war between Russia and Ukraine – Russian Foreign Ministry

This is the end of the first stage of the escalation. Let’s draw a line.

In 2 weeks, the parties will present their thoughts on the Minsk Agreements [interpretations are so different that even each side has several of them].

In turn, the federal media will be given a unique opportunity to turn Putin into a peacemaker who “saved the world from the Third World War,” which he himself threatened.

After direct negotiations between the United States and China, the latter also spoke in favor of a peaceful settlement of the conflict [exactly like China and voiced guarantees that there would be no war in the near future].

Chinese Foreign Ministry: to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, it is necessary to return to the Minsk Agreements

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