Conspiracy Theory, unproveable as they are, from a #Putin mouthpiece

The following is direct from a Russian site known to unequivocally support the current Russian regime. Unedited but translated from Russian:

An Iraqi translator who worked for the Americans said that the United States had falsified the circumstances of Saddam Hussein’s capture and that everything was not at all as stated by the American military and the media.

Where was Saddam Hussein found?

US allegations that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was found by the US military in a pit where he was allegedly hiding are not true, an Iraqi translator who collaborated with the US military told RIA Novosti.

Thus, he refuted the canonical version of the United States about the detention of Hussein, used by the Americans for propaganda purposes. Thursday, December 30, marks the 15th anniversary of the execution of Hussein after the US invasion of Iraq under the pretext of searching for weapons of mass destruction, the presence of which in the country has not been confirmed.

“After his arrest, the situation was fabricated so that the American administration headed by (President George) Bush would get out (out of the situation), so that the coalition he had created against Iraq would not be defeated, so that US authority would not suffer because of the attack on Iraq under the pretext of having weapons. mass destruction and an imminent threat to the world, “said the translator, who wished to remain anonymous because of fears for his safety.

Pentagon officials, after the arrest of Hussein on December 13, 2003, claimed that he was found in a vertical tunnel about 1.8 meters deep near the farm. According to the translator, Hussein was actually in the room at the time of his arrest, he did not understand what was happening.

“Hussein was in the room, let the world know – he was sitting in the room, I think he was praying because he was dressed in a dishdasha (traditional Arab dress – ed.) … He came out in this dress, he was put on … let’s say it is fabricated, as if he was detained when he was in the pit, “- said the man.