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Reference guides, new training courses, and a hint at investment crowdfunding. Next year brings several new classes including red teaming, human intelligence, and cyber counterterrorism. We also seek input from our customers on what they would like to see in training as it relates to intelligence. Contact us at


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Crowdfunding and Investing in Treadstone 71

We will soon be offering an opportunity to own a piece of both our online training and the CyberIntellipedia Knowledgebase Wiki for Cyber Intelligence. The offering comes with levels of funding that correspond to access to training to quickly enhance the skills of your team while delivering an online Intelligence Wiki that includes over 120 artifacts to speed cyber intelligence team maturity and execution. Stay tuned.

Treadstone 71 Reference Guides

Reference Guides on Intelligence

Introducing Treadstone 71’s Cyber Intelligence and Counterintelligence Reference Guides

Taken directly from our industry leading cyber intelligence and counterintelligence training, the reference guides cover all aspects of the intelligence lifecycle. These highly informative and engaging easy-access trifold guides offer brief, tradecraft definitions, strategies, tips, process flows, and methods addressing the core topics of cyber intelligence and counterintelligence. Follow the link above for more

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