In-person or On-demand Training and Instruction following Intelligence Community Tradecraft

Cyber Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, Cyber CounterIntelligence, Strategic Intelligence Analysis, Forecasting, Analytic Writing, Structured Analytic Techniques “The best course we have ever taken by far!” Challenging, focused, forcing us to examine every facet of our threat intelligence program.” – February 2020 “Best pure cyber intelligence, threat intelligence on the market! The Strategic Intel Course is the most comprehensive and challenging.” – December 2020

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How are courses run?

  • Weekly lectures are released in a drip method much like attending a weekly class for a lecture. The lecture is accompanied with readings and class assignments.
  • Are there assignments due every week? NO
  • Do I have to attend lectures at a specific time? NO
  • Do I have to watch each lecture each week or can I do a couple of weeks’ worth of lectures on my own time? You may do them on your own time.
  • What if I fall behind due to work requirements? Then we extend the course to accommodate.
  • How many hours per week should I expect to commit to the course? If we look at the 8-week course, normally about 5-6 hours per week. If we extend the 8-week course to 12 weeks, expect about 3 hours per week.
  • Are there tests I have to pass? We force you to take short quizzes. The quizzes may be taken up to 10 times to pass. The passing grade is 80%. Most quizzes are 5-6 questions. A couple are 10. They are open book meaning you can use any means from course content to find the answer.
  • How do I pass the course? Turn in the case studies and work the reviews of those case studies.
  • Can I work in a team or tandem? Certainly. You still need to do the quizzes individually, but the case studies may be a team effort.
  • Do you normally see people extend the course? Yes. We normally see the 8-week course extend to 10 or 12 weeks. Assume the 12+ week course to extend to 16 or more weeks based on student workload.
  • What if there is a holiday during the course or I have a vacation planned? Then we extend the course to accommodate.
  • What if I have a sickness or hospital stay during the course? Then we extend the course to accommodate.
  • Is the course heavy on technical requirements? No. If you can use a browser, start and stop a VPN, install desktop software and use MS Office, all you need is curiosity and focus.


Our intent is to ensure you learn. We know everyone has a life and there are work requirements that come up that must be addressed. We want students to stay steady with the lectures and readings to maintain course continuity and flow, but we adjust for you as needed.

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