STORMOUS Ransomware Claims to Have Hacked Saudi and the UAE

Penetration and leakage of military and private information about the Saudi army and its partners and employees, all of which are sensitive information.

Hello + message to Saudi Arabia:

O Bin Zayed… We warned you, O Emirates, against stealing people’s rights and we asked you to return them to them politely, but you ignored you and did not realize our strength.

In fact, this is a simple gift, and this should be a good lesson for you, because military information, especially about your army, its partners and employees, has been leaked and hacked, and all of it is sensitive information.

This is only the first blow from us. If people’s money is not returned within a week and an apology presented, the second strike will be horrific and fatal to the UAE regime.

The data of the Emirati army and its partners was hacked. This was a very difficult operation, but we finished and we will leak the data.