A new wave of attacks on power transmission towers swept across Iraq

Today, in Kirkuk province, terrorists have installed four IEDs on two towers of a 400-kilovolt power transmission line.  True, only three of them worked.  The remaining IEDs had to be neutralized by explosives technicians.  The Iraqi Electricity Ministry said twenty-seven power transmission towers had been attacked by terrorists in a week.

A spokesman for a power grid operator in northern Iraq said the militants were planning attacks to cut off power grids in the northern regions from those of the nation.  Thus, the terrorists deprive the authorities of the opportunity to quickly fill the shortage of electricity with exports from other parts of the country.  At the same time, one of the parliamentarians noted that the attacks are being carried out far from the places of usual activity of the Islamic State militants.  That is, the militants purposefully inflict damage to the infrastructure in such a way as to maximize the political losses of official Baghdad and show its inconsistency in the fight against terrorism.

It is worth noting that the terrorists are doing quite well.  Despite the fact that in early July, the Prime Minister of Iraq reacted with indignation to the blackout in Baghdad and called for a tough response to the threat of terrorism, it was not possible to restore order in this area.  In addition, today Iran has stopped exporting electricity to Iraq.  The reason for this was the lack of water in the country’s reservoirs and the inability of the hydroelectric power station to generate enough electricity.